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Happy Earth Day!

We’re Celebrating Earth Day today and the importance of oysters not only to our beautiful Chesapeake Bay and the oceans of the world but to the air we breathe as well.

Big Island Aquaculture Oysters not only grows delicious, quintessential tasting oysters but we are actively involved and members of several organizations dedicated to protecting and improving our environment.

Big Island Aquaculture Oyster (BIAO) are members of the :

  1. Mid Atlantic Ocean Acidification Coalition.

  2. Shellfish Growers Climate Coalition. Sponsored by The Nature Conservancy.

  3. Chesapeake Bay Foundation 10 Billion Oyster Alliance.

  4. BIA has partnered with The Nature Conservancy and Virginia Institute of Marine Science on a research project to determine how oysters contribute to improving water quality resulting in more fish and marine life in the waters surrounding our oyster farm.

  5. BIAO partnered with Virginia Institute of Marine Science VIMS on a research project on Alga Blooms

  6. BIAO Partnered with a Graduate Student at VIMS on a study he was conducting on How Oyster farms draw more fish and other marine life to areas where oysters are farmed.

  7. BIAO is partnering with VIMS on a two year long study to determine if Floating oyster cages can reduce shoreline degradation and erosion.

  8. BIAO is a partner with The Virginia Aquarium’s Sensible Sustainable Seafood program. Did you know that not all farm raised seafood is good for the environment? Do you know what they are? Do you know which farm raised seafood is good for the environment and recommended for consumption?

  9. Upcoming BIAO signed a letter of intent with VIMS to partner with them on a three year study which will research oceans acidification and its impact on oyster mortality water quality and other detrimental affects.

BIAO is doing all this and more.

How can you help us you ask?

  1. Eat more BIAO Big Island Aquaculture Oysters at the restaurants we service. If your restaurant doesn’t have Big Island Aquaculture Oysters ask them to offer our Big Island Oysters.

  2. Order more Big Island Oysters for your own personal enjoyment.

  3. Share our posts and help us spread the word.

It’s amazing to me that you can help the environment by eating sustainable farm raised oysters. Help us help you.

Peace. Love. Oysters to you.


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