Vogt Oyster Company oysters are grown sustainably in the beautiful waters surrounding Big Island, Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay.

Big Island Aquaculture and Vogt Oyster Company is a small, family run business serving our customers with great tasting oysters, while helping sustain the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay and promoting it's rich culture.  


Our oysters are grown on a beautiful pristine body of water nestled between the York River, and the Mobjack Bay in Hayes, Virginia. 


To this day watermen continue to fish the bountiful waters of the Mobjack around Big Island.

History tells us this special place produced oysters the watermen prized for their own private stock.   They referred to these briny oysters as the best tasting in the entire bay.

Legend has it Pocahontas, Chief Powhatan, and Captain John Smith enjoyed the oysters growing along these shores, followed in later years by General George Washington, Lafayette, and other leaders of the American Revolution as they laid siege to the British across the river in Yorktown.

Today, professional oyster tasters call the Big Island Oysters the “quintessential oyster”; the perfect blend of salty, sweet and buttery.  Perfect for any occasion.

So as you enjoy these quintessential oysters from Big Island Aquaculture, reflect upon the history of these waters and those who have enjoyed them before you.

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oysters in cage.jpg


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mobjack bay.jpg

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oysters in cage.jpg

Choose Big Island Oysters:
  • Sustainably grown, from the farm to your table

  • Consistent quality and quantity

  • Perfect blend of salty, sweet, and buttery

  • Support Chesapeake Bay restoration

How we grow our oysters:
  • Raised in bags floating in the surface waters of the Mobjack Bay to produce a beautiful, clean oyster

  • Tumbled to create a deep cup for serving on the half shell